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Why Hymns Still Matter

I grew up singing hymns from wooden pews. Boys sporting light blue, polo shirts in one row and girls in plaid skirts and knee socks in the row behind them. Music played, we whispered and passed notes, and despite endless teenage distractions, something happened; the words of the hymns sank deep within. See, underneath the [...]

How-to Host a Gutsy Girls Book Club

Raise your hand if you want your kids to read more. Me too. Raise your hand if you want your children to read about real women of faith. Of course, who doesn't, right? Raise your hand if you would like someone to plan a fun event that would accomplish both reading and learning about great [...]

Since I started researching the Ten Boom family for Gutsy Girls, I’ve dreamed of visiting their home in the Netherlands. Then when I found out the museum’s bookshop was carrying Gutsy Girls on sisters, Corrie and Betsie ten Boom, the illustrator, Beverly Wines, and I decided to board a plane. Bread, tulips, truly good people, [...]