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Since I started researching the Ten Boom family for Gutsy Girls, I’ve dreamed of visiting their home in the Netherlands. Then when I found out the museum’s bookshop was carrying Gutsy Girls on sisters, Corrie and Betsie ten Boom, the illustrator, Beverly Wines, and I decided to board a plane. Bread, tulips, truly good people, [...]

Fanny Crosby Enrichment Guide and Playlist for Your Gutsy Girl

Hey friends, You asked for an enrichment packet to accompany Gutsy Girls Book 3 on hymnist, Fanny Crosby, and it is here! The guide is perfect for the little learners in your life. The enrichment guide includes six discussion questions/extension activities and five worksheets on the following: Calendar work Vocabulary enrichment Compare and contrast Adding [...]

Transformation Village and Feeling $11.00 Small

Long ago in a land called 2014, my first book was published. An entire crew of people were involved and they rallied to throw a party and they made me cry. To celebrate the book’s release, I held a Community Volunteer Fair where agencies and families showed-up and learned a little about each other. My family [...]