9 Lessons We Can Learn From Corrie ten Boom

When I hear of the young girl who lives in a camper, walks to a part-time job, and uses two weeks worth of wages to buy her brother’s school supplies, my throat thightens and my voice goes weird. I think the girl’s devotion to her brother makes her a hero, and unlikely heroes surprise me. [...]

Delicious Reads

In celebration of both new school lunchboxes and fading summer days, these delicious reads are for you. *Lisa Van Engen loves a good list and honestly, her lists make me smarter. *Noticing body differences. One girl’s stance. One mama’s response. *Because maybe it is as simple as loving your neighbor. *This short write by Jennie Allen [...]

Gutsy Girls Read: Online Book Club for Moms and Daughters

I am a starter of projects, and I am a connector of people. The starter piece comes from the fact that I love to watch small ideas grow and spread, and the connector piece comes from the fact that I just flat out like people. Toss together my one part starter, add my one part [...]

Sullivan Summering

Let’s start off by saying it’s hot in the South. I know there are people who embrace sunny days and sandy toes, and I hear you, I get it, and my kids get it. Hence, tiny painted toes paying tribute to our family’s pets (courtesy of a doting Nana). And of course, I adore starry [...]

My Sister and Sisters, Corrie and Betsie ten Boom

My parents drove my newborn sister, Sara, home from the Petoskey Hospital in the front seat of a 1977 burgundy Buick Century. The gray Michigan sky spit snowflakes, enough to dust the car, but not enough to cover the dirty side of the road. My mother held my sister tightly in a yellow quilt as [...]

Cell Phone Picture Share: Spring Edition

Most of my April looked like this. With a dash of this. And a sprinkle of this. And it’s good. All of it good, but when I travel for work, I struggle to be present. Always feeling caught halfway in one place and halfway in another. It’s during these halfway times when I am thankful [...]

Celebrating Gutsy: Contest Winner

It’s official. The Celebrating Gutsy: Writing and Drawing Contest for Kids is over. No more rushing to my mailbox and inbox to see what kind of creations arrive. No more giggling about the ways kids see God work. No more stories of prayer and kindhearted kiddos. I don’t want it to end! Thank you to all of the young [...]

Celebrating Gutsy: Gutsy Girls Writing and Drawing Contest

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting a school when a little boy raised his hand and asked if I could pray for a girl named Emma. See, this little boy doesn’t know Emma, but he knows Emma has Cystic Fibrosis, and he knows Emma needs prayer. “Of course, I’ll pray for Emma,” I [...]

Authors Reveal Their Favorite Children’s Picture Books

A year ago, I looked at my daughters’ bookshelf and noticed it resembled a TV listing. Of course we owned the classics, but our bookshelf also contained a disproportionate amount of books on premade princesses, talking ponies, multiple fairies, a girl who liked to dress-up named Nancy, and let’s not forget the ever popular shopping [...]

My Thoughts on Young Makers

When relatives ask what to buy our youngest for her birthday, my answer is often the same: tape. Scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape, two-sided tape. A giant box of tape would make our girl giddy. Why tape? Our girl may only be seven-years-old, but she is a maker. Makers imagine, build, and tinker. Makers [...]