14 Mom and Daughter Conferences for 2017-2018

Hey friends, It's time for my annual list of mom and daughter conferences. Woohooo! As always, if you know of a conference you would like to see added to the list, let me know. Also, if you want to give future attendees any information or feedback on any of the events listed, yay! Jump down [...]

Readers Ask: Questions About Gutsy Girl, Dr. Jennifer Wiseman

You asked. I'm answering! Last week I asked readers to send me their questions about the latest Gutsy Girl, Dr. Jennifer Wiseman. Here are a few of my favorites. Reader Questions 1. Is Dr. Jennifer Wiseman a real person? Yes, indeedy. All the women in the Gutsy Girls series are real women. Gladys, real. Corrie and [...]

10 Things I Want My Science Loving Daughter to Know About God

When my daughter was five-years-old, instead of rolling Play-Doh into long strips and making snakes like generations of kids before her (hello, how much fun were Play-Doh snakes?), she “made” DNA. She is usually on the hunt for utensils that will cut through wood, which explains our No Playing with Power Tools rule. Last year [...]

It’s Release Day for Gutsy Girl, Dr. Jennifer Wiseman

Why do we need a book that focuses on a woman who is a Christian AND works in science? Let’s introduce readers to women who are creative, smart, and innovative. Let’s encourage curiosity, problem solving, and awe for our Maker. Buy the latest Gutsy Girl book here. Learn more about Gutsy Girl, Dr. Jennifer Wiseman [...]

The Fourth Gutsy Girl = Dr. Jennifer Wiseman

Recently, I visited a group of readers via Skype. The girls and their moms asked ALL kinds of smarty pants questions about the next Gutsy Girl and with the release of the fourth Gutsy Girl book quickly approaching (it’s this week, people!), I wanted to share part of our conversation with you! Who is the next [...]

The Ultimate List of 2017 Solar Eclipse Resources

Because the next Gutsy Girl is an astrophysicist (releasing soon!), over the last year I have been immersed in all things space, and all things space happen to include the upcoming eclipse on Monday, August 21st. In case you have missed me yammering on in person in regard to this event or you haven't seen the [...]

Cell Phone Photo Share Summer 2017

For the photos that take up space on my phone only to later be erased, this one is for you. Three generations of snorkelers. Darth Varder-ish masks, busy fish, and Captiva sand. One of my dorkier qualities is visiting libraries when I travel, but hey, hey, lookie here. This library happened to be paired with [...]

A Lesson From Young Creators

Take my youngest daughter to the playground, and her agenda becomes clear. She is not interested in swinging or sliding or mastering the corkscrew-looking apparatus kids twirl upon. Not my girl. Instead, my daughter collects forgotten treasures littering the ground aka random junk that borders on garbage. Recently, she found a broken Lokai bracelet. It [...]

Why Hymns Still Matter

I grew up singing hymns from wooden pews. Boys sporting light blue, polo shirts in one row and girls in plaid skirts and knee socks in the row behind them. Music played, we whispered and passed notes, and despite endless teenage distractions, something happened; the words of the hymns sank deep within. See, underneath the [...]

How-to Host a Gutsy Girls Book Club

Raise your hand if you want your kids to read more. Me too. Raise your hand if you want your children to read about real women of faith. Of course, who doesn't, right? Raise your hand if you would like someone to plan a fun event that would accomplish both reading and learning about great [...]