Cell Phone Photo Share Summer 2017

For the photos that take up space on my phone only to later be erased, this one is for you.

Three generations of snorkelers. Darth Varder-ish masks, busy fish, and Captiva sand.

One of my dorkier qualities is visiting libraries when I travel, but hey, hey, lookie here. This library happened to be paired with NASA, which was kind of fantastic because hello, the next Gutsy Girl works for you guessed it, NASA.

Our family missed strawberry season by two weeks, and instead picked these. Lucky us.

Despite having lived in the South for over ten years, and I’ve never been to a plantation. I fixed that by touring one a few weeks ago. It was a haunting experience which left me angry at myself for not featuring a Gutsy Girl who is also a person of color. I will remedy this.

This sky.

These two.

Speaking of photos, it should be noted that one of my forever friends informed me I needed to change my profile photo immediately. I have no idea what the big rush was, and I was kind of afraid to ask about the immediacy, but she knows things, and therefore, I acted. The result was an enormous amount of fantastically awkward photos.

I’ve been sharing my writing online for over seven years. In my last newsletter, I shared about having a job which requires me to be accessible online. Here’s an excerpt:

Often having an online presence feels like that time when you showed up at your friend’s BBQ and everyone wanted to talk about and share photos of their adorable kids and snazzy vacations, but you just wanted to sit under a tree and consume copious amounts of potato salad. You stand awkwardly and chat, but in reality, you’d like to settle in the nearest camping chair and eat that potato salad (not the kind with mustard, of course).

In the newsletter, I talked about how I like to hide behind my work because it feels safe, and I also shared a few harder things that are happening in my world.

I was surprised so many people responded, and that so many people have big things going on. Things they don’t share, but things they would talk about if someone asked.

I’m making it my goal this week to ask.

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  • Lisa Van Engen

    I love your photos. (And outtakes) 🙂

    • Amy L. Sullivan

      Oh my…the many, many outtakes!

  • Chris Carter

    I read that email, and I loved it…I didn’t realize our girls are the same age and they are both going into HIGH SCHOOL. OMG.

    And can I sit with you in the shade in silence and eat that potato salad? No wait- you eat that. I’m going to whatever the dessert is X 3.

    I love people too. Oh, how I do. But I need that shade and silence away on my own too.

    Status updates are so one sided.

    I also love love LOVE all these pics.

    And yes- I think you are so wise to add a Gutsy Girl of color. 🙂 ALL of them and this incredible series is AMAZING.

    I’m saving up to buy them all for my niece for Christmas.

    Thanks for YOUR updates. There’s connection when we share- no matter who shares back.

    • Amy L. Sullivan

      You come eat your dessert under the tree with me, and we will talk about our almost high school girls! It will be glorious!