Cell Phone Photo Share: Fall Edition 2016


It’s fall! It’s fall! Are you sipping hot apple cider and wearing multiple layers? Are leaves littering your lawn and do they make crunching sounds? Have you snagged a few pumpkins from your local patch?


Yeah, us too.

Question: Do you print photos from your phone or do you let them linger and then forget about them until your phone crashes/breaks/gets lost and then you curse yourself for not having the pics stored anywhere else?

I know a little something about the second category. When will I learn to back-up my devices? Anyway, in the spirit of giving the photos, which clutter my phone another shot at life, here’s my cell phone photo share fall edition.

The end of my summer looked a little like this.


It included lots of storyboards and plans and drafts because our next Gutsy Girl, hymnist, Fanny Crosby, makes her way into the world on December 1st. For those of you who are following along, Fanny is the third woman in the Gutsy Girls series. I know I’ve said this about the previous ladies, Corrie and Gladys, but Fanny could be my favorite gutsy girl. Really, this time I am sure of it.

One fun part of writing about Fanny was learning about her education. See, Fanny was blind, and for kids who were blind, going to school wasn’t as easy as showing up.

At fifteen, Fanny left home and went to The New York Institute for the Blind. This is where Fanny developed her talent for writing poems. The more poems Fanny wrote, the more poems people asked her to write, and soon Fanny was penning poetry about many of the silly happenings around her school.


Sneak Peek of Illustration for Gutsy Girls Book Three: Fanny Crosby.

Fanny even wrote about the time her teacher fell asleep and a mouse crawled into his beard. Do you know how much I detest rodents? ‘Tis true.

My fall also looked like this.


It’s when I drove deep into the mountains to hear one of my favorite poets read, and she made me cry (in a good way).

Fall also included hosting a gaggle of girls where I watched tweens throw a baby shower for one of their beloved leaders. They forced attendees to wear bibs and have races with baby dolls.


I met some goats. Don’t ask. Rodents, I don’t do. Goats, I may invite to live with me.


I met some students and obviously got a little jazzed-up about the Ten Boom sisters.


I filmed a promo video for Gutsy Girls. I am really excited to see the video, but I would be equally excited if the people who filmed the video let me keep that blue couch.


And I found new places around my town to explore. Tell me this tree doesn’t look like it came from some Narnia-like place.


Your turn. What does your fall look like? Are you printing those cell phone photos? Are you snatching up pumpkins, and most importantly, do you hate rodents?

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  • Lisa Van Engen

    Fanny! I’m so excited. Kids baby showers are the best. Our youth groups kids surprised me with Ellie. They microwaves chocolate candy in diapers and we had to identify the type of candy. It looked so much like real poop!

  • The couch is dreamy and you look so cute on it that they really should just give it to you : ) So excited to see the video. You new Gutsy Girl choice is amazing – well, they all are so far! I love a good pumpkin and try hard not to covet goats but rodents – no thanks. Happy Fall Ms. Amy!

  • Amy, I’m so glad you’ve chosen Fanny! Your Gutsy Girls series is such a great idea, and I hope it’s very successful. These stories of faith need to be heard… LOVE the white pumpkins pic—and the tweens’ baby shower. So happy life is going well for you and yours. Happy Fall!