Sullivan Summering

Let’s start off by saying it’s hot in the South.

I know there are people who embrace sunny days and sandy toes, and I hear you, I get it, and my kids get it. Hence, tiny painted toes paying tribute to our family’s pets (courtesy of a doting Nana).


And of course, I adore starry nights, blazing bonfires, but I will not lie. Fall is my favorite. I know, I know, extended time with kiddos, rocket pops delivered to the front door, and the always awesome library summer reading program, but I adore fall.

Even though I have a love for all things fall, my family reminds me there is much summering to be had. So let’s go ahead and have it.

Sullivan Summering


My girl and her friend held a lemonade stand.

Despite lots of waving and yelling, “Get your ice cold lemonade! Lemonade! Lemonade!” (these pleas for customers were equivalent to hot dog vendors at professional baseball games) most cars drove by.

I tried my best to give fast moving cars the stink eye, but because these obviously very busy people were driving so quickly, they didn’t see me.

Then out of nowhere heroes arrived.


Yep, the guys who pick up our recycling pulled their giant truck over, chatted it up, and overpaid for two glasses of warm lemonade (let me remind you, it’s hot in the South). As the girls’ first customers were pulling away, one of the men yelled to the guys on the garbage truck which happened to be coming up our hill, “Hey man, stop and get some lemonade!”

That’s all it took. The girls officially had a second set of customers.

Community is made up of a whole lot of people. It includes people who often go unnoticed. Glad these guys are a part of mine.

Additional Sullivan Summering Looks Like This


Sharing about Gutsy Girls, Corrie and Betsie ten Boom with a gaggle of kiddos including this crew. It should be noted these children are world renowned question askers.


Flying away to work and taking my kids along to visit the above mentioned Nana. Chicago, Chicago, I love you so.


Starting an online book club for moms, grandmas, teachers, and friends who are interested in books for girls ages toddler to teen. Consider yourself invited. Every Monday we discuss a new book and every Wednesday the author of the book pops into our group for a visit. Join us here.


Beaching it. In North Carolina, the beach means the Atlantic Ocean. However, I know the beach to be Lake Michigan. Here are my kids. Shutting down the beach.


Having the husband declare this our new song. This is us not at the beach, but at the ocean. You see how that whole beach vs. ocean thing works? Does this only make sense in my head?


: : : :

What’s filling your summer days? Are you spending time at the ocean? The beach? The backyard? The office?

Much love, friends.

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  • Oh ho – those precious souls who bought some lemonade. That brought such a smile to my face.

    But yeah. I love the fall, and only summer is there is sun and water involved.

    • Amy L. Sullivan

      Another fall lover….I knew I liked you. Thanks for stopping by.

  • My girls really want to do a lemonade stand. But the traffic on our street is limited, so I always say no. I know your girls are so thankful you said YES!

    • Amy L. Sullivan

      Kelly, I cannot tell you how much fun they had! Plus, it was great for them to interact with different people in our neighborhood. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Lisa Van Engen

    Oh the beach. I love Lake Michigan SO MUCH. But that ocean picture it really amazing and sweet. Go lemonade stands! It’s a good reminder to slow down and stop.

    • Amy L. Sullivan

      I knew you would get the whole beach vs ocean thing. Yep, I knew you would.

  • I adore lemonade stands on the side of the road and will always stop. Wish I could have stopped for yours! To us the ocean and the beach are one in the same on the Pacific Northwest coast and I love visiting whatever it is called. It takes us about an hour from driveway to toes in the sand. Happy summer from one Fall gal to another : )

    • Amy L. Sullivan

      I knew you would be a fan of lemondade stands and fall, Mindy!

      An hour and a half to the beach? That’s not a bad little drive. We are about five hours from the ocean. Before I moved to NC, I had no idea how few lakes there were here. Lots of rivers, but it’s not the same.