Cell Phone Picture Share: Spring Edition

Most of my April looked like this.


With a dash of this.


And a sprinkle of this.


And it’s good. All of it good, but when I travel for work, I struggle to be present. Always feeling caught halfway in one place and halfway in another. It’s during these halfway times when I am thankful for friends who send texts and email and two sentence commentaries on the important things in life like my kids and videos of random chimpmunks who find their way into homes.

Anyway, I am baaaaaaaack, and now life is looking a bit like this.


Remember back in the day, Field Day meant three-legged races, ribbons, and relays? Not any more, friends. Welcome to Field Day 2016. Now Field Day means lining kids up on a hill and spraying them with water.

Utter joy and squeals punctuated by “Get me! Get me! Wait, don’t get me! Not me, not me!”

This sort of nonsense is followed-up by having kids grab marbles with their toes and chase each other in circles with wet sponges. Those teachers. They dominate in the fun department.

Anyway, now that I am home, my days contain a dash of this:


It’s real-life missionary, Gladys Aylward’s suitcase, complete with a tea kettle tied to the handle! I am finishing up school visits. With summer nearly in our hot little hands, my time at schools and sharing about Gutsy Girls is on pause until the fall. However, I am already looking forward to next school year because next school year, I won’t just have one Gutsy Girl to share about, I will have three!



The second book in the Gutsy Girls series will make its way into the world on June 2nd. I am praying for all of the young readers who will soon meet the main characters, sisters, Corrie and Betsie ten Boom. These two women had a faith almost too big to comprehend.

Anyway, thank you for showing up, and thank you for being my people. I hope your weekend is full of noticing God’s goodness.

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  • Lisa Van Engen

    I love your real life Gladys suitcase! And your new cover 🙂

  • yay!!!!! Sophie and I are sooooo excited for June 2nd to roll around. We will be ordering for sure. So excited for you. Cover looks great. Can’t wait to read!