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In less than a week, this little guy will break out into the world.

Amy's bookcover

Yay and oh my gosh and yay and holy cow and yay! If you create anything (paintings, photos, poems, desserts) you know the fear which goes along with releasing your work into the world.

My thinking has gone from this: This is exciting! What a process this has been from contract to release! How fun! Watch me dance!

To this: What am I doing? What if the proceeds I make from this book for Transformation Village only total $5.00, and the director of Transformation Village calls me and says, “Why thank you, Amy. We can put this $5.00 towards a package of diapers for one of our residents, and if you write another book, we may be able to purchase a full package of diapers!” Oh, God, what have a done? Breathe, Breathe.

Regardless, When More is Not Enough is the lesson on love our family needed to learn.

Ann Lamott once wrote, “One of the gifts of being a writer is that it gives you an excuse to do things, to go places and explore. Another is that writing motivates you to look closely at life as it lurches by and tramps around.”

This book is what happened when our family listened to God, watched life tramp around, and decided to explore. This book is not condemning or heady or a step-by-step process to turn your kids or family into something they are not. It simply explores the idea of more in a new way. More prayers, more forgiveness, more compassion, more love.

I want to invite you to preorder When More is Not Enough, and I am making preordering fun by offering some loot. Raise your hand if you like free loot. Good, good, that’s what I thought.

For Everyone

A Super Cute Printable. Everyone who preorders (and gives me their email) will receive a high quality printable to print and frame, print and stick on your wall, print and put at eye level on your kid’s bedroom door, or print and tape to the refrigerator. *Frame not included.


For Those Who Are Purchasing Books for a Small Group. If you have decided you want your book club, small group, Bible Study crew, or neighborhood girlfriends to read When More is Not Enough together, let me know, and I will Facetime or Skype into your living room and chat it up with you and your friends. Please indicate on the form below that this is a small group purchase. Caution: I do not promise to brush my hair for this event.

For one lucky winner

A Few of My Favorite Things #RaisingGivers Style. One person who preorders will receive this package of my favorite things.

Item #1: Your choice of short-sleeved T-shirt from Sevenly. If you know Sevenly, you know each week Sevenly teams up with a great cause, commissions artists to create original gear and then donates $7.00 of each purchase to the cause. Super, duper idea and super, duper shirts, accessories, and prints. This week’s cause is foster care. Take a peek at more T-shirts here.


Item #2: How the World Eats book. Beautiful book, stunning photography, and a visual of what people around the world eat. Fantastic for the coffee table. Our family loves this book, and our neighbors want to steal it.


Item #3: A signed copy of When More is Not Enough to Give to a friend. You love your friends. Go ahead and remind them.

To claim your free goods, fill out the form below, and hit submit. I’m not going to require proof of purchase because hey, I trust you guys. I am going to require you to fill out the form, because hey, I need an email so I can send your snazzy print, and let you know if you won the shirt, the coffee table book your neighbors will want to steal, and an extra copy of When More is Not Enough to give away.

Preorder here.

Contest closes on Saturday, September 2oth, and the winner will be announed on release day (September 22nd). Good luck, friends!

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  • Amy L. Sullivan

    For the record, you people are cracking me up with the comments on the form. I wish I would have had you post them here!