Um, Yeah, So This is What Happened Today

This is Beth. Today Beth and I met up to make plans for the community event/book release par-ta we are throwing this September. Beth is the mastermind behind the logistics of this event. I give her oodles of direction by saying smart things like, “Just tell me what to do” and “Hmmm, so how do you think that will work?”
Today Beth and I looked at high rafters and talked about pom-poms, streamers, tablecloths, activities for service agencies, and cornhole (as every community event needs a good game of cornhole).
Beth and I planned out a schedule for the big day. We talked about music. We talked about treats vs. food. We talked about wash-off tattoos. We talked about how God used my daughter’s preschool teacher and her hubby to provide a location for the day.
Then, Beth pulled out a giant piece of cardboard, and I fully expected her to have scaled drawings of our venue (that’s how Beth rolls). Instead, I found this.
Wait, there’s more.
Beth and participants from the #RiskRejection community rallied in a make-me-cry-kind-of-way. They provided all of the money (and then some!) to pull-off the event.
This is the kind of crazy that comes from community.
I’m giving the proceeds from my book to an organization which helps people in crisis in Western North Carolina. In addition, at this party, I am introducing local do-gooder organizations to local families with the hope that they will fall madly in love with each other.
These girls from our #RiskRejection link-up, these girls from Washington, Michigan, Oregon, Ohio, Florida, New Jersey, Illinois, and all over the US, these girls who live too far to even attend the event, these girls gave money to help with the cost of the event.
What am I talking about?
These girls gave me triple what I budgeted for the event.
Sitting in total awe of God and the people He brings into my life.
Love you guys.

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  • you love so fully. we love you.

  • Oh Amy, if that is what your ugly cry is, you have not seen ugly until you have seen me cry. I love this and you are one girl I support all the way. Love to you girl!

  • So beautiful. Such a beautiful example of the power of community. Much love to you.

  • Well that video made me cry! Wow, so so cool. The people in your corner are ALL IN!

  • Amy, that’s awesome! I was crying right along with you! I am so proud of you!

  • Still feeling a little shocked and amazed.

  • Watching made me cry. You’re awesome, Amy!

  • I’m just glad we pulled it off!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • 🙂

  • Holy Crap is right! Ha! Loved this so much and loved your sweet reaction to the generosity of others. God is in this Amy and he is using you in so many ways. Keep on serving him the way you do. Love you sweet friend.

  • I cried. love you.

  • Yay! 🙂