45 Ways to Help Your Favorite Authors Sell More Books

Ways the average reader can show an author love 

This section is for friends, family members, and those of the nontechy variety who want to support an author, but don’t know how.

1. Preorder the author’s books.

2. Buy a book for yourself.

3. Buy books as gifts.

4. Buy a set of ten books and donate them to your church or a local school.

5. Leave a review on Amazon. Can you believe this book has over 9,000 reviews on Amazon? I can.

6. Speaking of Amazon, “like” the reviews written by others on Amazon.

7. Oh and while you are busy hanging out at the Amazon site, go ahead and “like” the author’s Amazon Author Page.

8. Write a note of encouragement to the author.

9. Suggest the author as a guest speaker.

10. Show up at a book release party or a book signing.

11. Bring up the book in conversation. Let me tell you about what I am reading.

12. If your local bookstore doesn’t carry the book, ask them to order it.

13. Write the publisher and gush about the book.

14. Leave a review of the book at Barnes and Noble online.

15.  Ask the author if there is something you can donate for the book’s release. Often authors host giveaways when a book releases and the amazing art you create or the scarf you knit or your vacation rental which sits empty, may be an extra incentive the author can provide with his or her giveaway.

Ways those who understand social media can create buzz

1. If the author has a hashtag, use it when you tweet about the book.

2. Pair book related photos with longer quotes from the book on Google+.

3. Invite the author to Skype with your book club. This author Skyped in and made my book club laugh out loud. Sweet, funny, and she can write.

4. Participate in BookCrossing. This is loads of fun. Go online and tag your book, and then send it out into the world. Others find it, read it, and send it out again.

5. If you belong to Goodreads, put the author’s book on your bookshelf.

6. Pin it, pin it, pin that bad boy. Pin the cover of the book with a short description to one of your Pinterest boards.

7. If you are reading the book on a Kindle, highlight your favorite quotes and share them publicly. If enough people share, the quotes will show up at the bottom of the posts page.

8. Like the author’s Facebook page, and then like and share posts the author shares.

9. Show-up for Facebook parties and Twitter chats.

10. Participate in an already established online book club highlighting the author’s book.

11. Find a way to spotlight the author in your newsletter.

12. Take a unique picture of you with the book or the book in a bookstore or you pretending to eat the book and post it online. Here’s one I used to help readers envision activities in this book.

13. Organize a Google Chat to help create buzz.

14. Create a contest.

15. Post a “books on my nightstand” picture online. This idea is perfect if you can’t find a way to tie yourself to the author’s genre.

Ways those who have an online or offline platform can help spread the word

1. Host an online book club and ask the author to join in. Who knows, the author may even create a video message to your club while driving.

2. Suggest the author for an event you are already a part of (retreat, class, luncheon).

3. Offer to write an article highlighting the book or author (local magazine, national publication, or online publication).

4. Ask the author questions via social media. Examples: Do you have any upcoming speaking events in the Southeast? What are you reading now? Where did you come up with the main character’s name?

5. Showcase the author’s writing on your blog.

6. Offer to host a giveaway on your website or on Facebook.

7. Volunteer to be a part of the author’s launch team.

8. Endorse the book by writing a promotional blurb.

9. Ask the author to share guest post which you think will appeal to your readers. What about sharing a connection between Tolkien and raising girls?

10. Forget the same old same old and find a unique way to engage the author. Instant Answer is how I found out Jeff Goins prefers oceans over mountains, U2 over Michael Jackson, and being a pack rat over being a minimalist (Start at 11:48 in this post if you want to hear the rest).

11. Create a short video or slide show highlighting a quote or theme of the book.

12. Conduct a Q and A with the author.

13. Suggest the author as a guest for an event in which you regularly attend.

14. Highlight the author’s book and get your readers to interact with the author in his or her area of expertise. Loved the insight this author shared while interacting with my readers.

15. Invite the author to send you a short video clip to share with your website.

Have you ever participated in any of the above? Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? Is there an author you need to show some love to today? Do you know of any sites which regularly host online book clubs? Will you give a shoutout in the comment section to an author you admire?

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How to Help Your Favorite Authors
How to Support Your Favorite Author

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  • Glad you guys are finding it helpful! I have a few to add people have suggested via Twitter.

  • From Cindy B.: Only addition – pray! For God 2 open doors, prepare hearts, protect author & their family, & transform lives!

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  • These are wonderful ideas and so many things I had not thought of. Personally I am waiting for your book : )

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