Get Up and Serve Ideas and Your Community

Earlier this summer we talked about ways to serve your family. Today’s topic? Ways for you and your family to serve your community. Get excited, friends.
  • Project Linus provides new, handmade blankets, and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers.” Check here to find a local chapter.
  • Your local hospital. Many hospitals allow kids as young as fourteen to volunteer. Duties may include organizing supplies, talking with patients, and transporting patients with a nurse.
  • The written word is powerful. Watch for someone in your community to praise, and then write a note thanking them. Need ideas? Your babysitter, a policeman, a special teacher, your pastor, or a friend.
  • Hop on an already established drive. You see organizations holding drives for canned goods, coats, school supplies, glasses…get involved. You have something to share.
  • Be a good neighbor. Introduce yourself to new people. Engage in conversation, even when you don’t feel like it. Offer to get the mail when your neighbor is on vacation. Bake extra cupcakes and share.
  • Sell all your belongings, throw your two small children in an RV, and travel the US looking for ways to impact others. Sound crazy? Not for this family.
Your turn: Let’s hear some of the ideas you have for serving in your community. Tell about a fun community activity you participated in.


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  • Thanks for sharing these, Amy. They are all great ideas and none of them seem to be intimidating. They are easy AND effective – imagine that!

    I especially like the idea to write notes of encouragement. Never really thought of that as a big deal, but I know that when someone has taken the time to actually sit down and write a personal note to me it has always meant so much. If I did that for someone else, chances are they’ll feel the same way, too. Thanks!

  • Deidra,
    Glad you like the ideas! So many times I think people don’t get involved because they feel overwhelmed or that a project is too big. I’m all about easy and practical.

    I love notes of encouragement. I started saving notes a few years ago, and I love to look through them and think back on all the special people I’ve come in contact with…so fun.

  • Love, love, love your ideas! You have my creative wheels spinning. Thanks for the simple, practical ideas. You inspire me!
    Cindy 🙂

  • Thanks for stopping by and reading, Cindy.

  • You are so good to give ideas that are manageable. And, I love that you encourage your daughter to do things like a lemonade stand for charity. The honest truth is that there is a temptation for me to say, “Here’s $30. Who can we give it to,” to my kids, but you are teaching them more than shelling out money. And, I’m going to have to check out this new blog. Of I go!

  • Lori,
    Do you recognize the poster? I believe Miss Abigail had a hand in creation!

  • Amy…I have an idea about a collaboration project…e-mail me if you’re interested.. Love your ideas!!!